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OPI LED Gel Lamp Star Light CORD

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Introducing OPI’s STAR LIGHT!Reliable, sturdy, and precise, we’re proud to introduce you to OPI’s STAR LIGHT, our new drop resistant*...

SKU: 210000025863
Barcode/UPC: 4064665018455
Vendor: O-P-I

Introducing OPI’s STAR LIGHT!
Reliable, sturdy, and precise, we’re proud to introduce you to OPI’s STAR LIGHT, our new drop resistant* gel lamp with uniform curing. Ergonomically designed and tested in collaboration with nail pros around the world, this premium LED light is Tough As Nails. Designed for your favorite gel colors, setting details for nail art, and sculpting gels. Uniform light output and mirrored interior provide even curing across all 5 fingers and toes.

A Complete Guide to OPI’s STAR LIGHT
First, plug the adaptor cord into the back of your lamp, then plug into an outlet. Flip the power switch ON–the time automatically sets to 30 seconds, so be sure to select your desired time using the 5, 30, 60, and 90 sec. buttons below the screen. Hate the beeping noise? No problem. Press and hold the “3s” button to shift between tone and silent mode. Manual/Auto Mode with hand sensor to activate the preset timer.

How to Use the Hand Plate
What we love about the hand plate is that it’s simple to use. The flat plate guides the hand to proper placement for precision curing. When a hand is inserted, feel for the 5-finger stopper guide which features 4 grooves for fingers and a pad for clear thumb placement. Unlike our older lamps, we designed the finger stoppers to blend in with the plate’s flat surface to ensure your client is comfortable.

One major bonus is its grey finish. This won’t show dust, dirt, or imperfections like white or black designs, but when you need to clean it, here’s how: between services, remove the hand plate, wash, and allow it to dry. Follow that up by spraying the plate with EPA registered cleaning solution on both sides, then wipe it down. When the lamp is unplugged and cool, wipe down the interior and exterior with a disinfectant cloth or cleaning solution, making sure you avoid the LED diodes. Acetone resistant + grey exterior won’t show nail dust or dirt.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Khang Khong

OPI LED Gel Lamp Star Light CORD

Love it

First time doing my own gel nails. It was easy to use, love the design and it cures so quickly. Love it! This website has the best price too which was great.

Klairy Loizidou
amazing lamp

This lamp is so cute and really good at what it does. Really recommend it.

Huyen Nguyen

OPI LED Gel Lamp Star Light CORD