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 Our company was established in 2009 and rebranded in 2011 as iNail Supply, LLC.  We're a One-Stop-Shop of products and equipment for salons and spas. We are dedicated to providing the best and widest selection of salon and spa products and equipment. As a One-Stop-Shop supply store for salons and spas, we ensure quality products from nail lacquers, gels, oils, and lotions. Get your pedicure spa chairs from kiddie to adult, technician chairs, manicure tables, plumbing parts to connect pedicure spa chairs, paraffin wax machine and more. We offer salon and spa miscellaneous furnishings from the reception desk, display cabinets and murals. We also provide design and printing services of t-shirts, banners and gift certificates.

Our objective is to supply the best quality at the most reasonable price ranges possible, so you can give the best services to your clients. We want to be part of your success in bringing the best possible products available for your customers. We give the unique experience of being the one-stop supply store to save you time and money. By getting all your supplies and equipment with us you save time and trouble of selecting from different suppliers and labor as well as streamlined delivery which saves money. Customer service is the key to our success and yours. We want to build a partnership based on goodwill and trust. Our goal is to offer our brand of service all across North America. Browse through our online catalog of products, furniture, furnishings, and equipment. Get in touch with us and we’ll hook you to the best salon and spa products and equipment’s available only through us.