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GELISH - 969 A-Lister - Gel Polish
GELISH - 969 A-Lister

GELISH - 969 A-Lister

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Done right. From the start.As nail artists ourselves, we understand that nothing ismore important than the tools of our craft...

SKU: 210000025153
Barcode/UPC: 818125021462
Vendor: Gelish

Done right. From the start.
As nail artists ourselves, we understand that nothing is
more important than the tools of our craft and nothing
is more challenging than product inconsistencies. It has
been and always will be that quality is our #1 priority.

Gelish® was the first brush-in-bottle gel polish ever
invented. The US and International patented
formulation proves that fact.

The fact that millions and millions of bottles have been
sold to—and reordered again and again by—thousands
of salons is further proof. So, the fact is, the innovative
Gelish® system, still the best on the market no matter
who else followed, continues as the one most trusted
by nail techs worldwide.

Our success is measured by your success. We are
committed to you, the nail technician, to provide
the best products, to share our knowledge through
unprecedented education, therefore developing
long lasting customer loyalty.