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  • OPI Powder Perfection - Peru Fall 2018 - My Solar Clock

    O-P-I OPI Powder Perfection - Peru Fall 2018 - My Solar Clock Is Ticking1.5 oz DP P38

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    Peruvian Culture & History Make an Iconic Identity Located in the western part of South America, Peruvian culture and history contain the epic combination of incredible vistas, Incan history, and the honor of being one of several countries that host the longest mountain range in the world, the Andes. Even more, this flourishing country has jungles, rivers, and lakes, all contributing to a unique blend of colors that truly establish Peru’s distinctive culture and personality. With mesmerizing hues to be found around every trail, trek, and thoroughfare, we couldn’t help but be inspired to create a new collection. We’re launching our OPI Peru line with colors and shade names that celebrate Peru’s vibrant culture, history, and environment. Available Colors: - Alpaca My Bags - Yes My Condor Can-do! - Grandma Kissed A Gaucho - Seven Wonders of OPI - Suzi Will Quechua Later! - Don't Toot My Flute - Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountains - Machu Peach-u - Lima Tell You About This Color! - Como Se Llama? - My Solar Clock is Ticking - I Love You Just Be-Cusco

    25 stock remaining



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